What are Keywords?

People are often excited about keywords and hashtags, but what exactly are they? Essentially, they are just technical terms. Let me explain them to you in simple, everyday language.

First, you need to understand that all digital platforms are essentially communication mediums. People use them to share thoughts, views, and information also we use them to promote products/services. The most searched words or phrases on these digital mediums are called keywords.

For example, if I want to purchase a watch, my first step would be to go to the Google search bar and type the word ‘watch’.

What Google will do – Google will show me the web pages. Some pages come on top because they are sponsored but what about others? 

Decoding Google’s Algorithm:-

Here in the above activity ‘watch’ is a keyword and the Google search engine shows us the web pages that have used this word the maximum number of times. It concludes that using a word multiple times in your post will help to rank your posts or web pages on search engines. 

Web content writers add their keywords in images – (titles, descriptions, Alt text), and Posts -(Title, Description) or Links -(Description). This maximizes the number of times a word is used, which helps their posts rank easily on the search engine result page.